10 brigades withdrawn from the West Coast within hours!!


Ten military brigades are being withdrawn from large areas [على البحر] Within a few hours. Within that force are Tihami brigades whose members belong to the areas under evacuation, which means sacrificing soldiers and their families. The Houthis, according to several sources, began settling accounts with social figures and families who were loyal to that military force.

Tariq’s choir justifications are very light, there is not a single useful sentence. Then they explode in anger if the reader says: I did not understand? What does that mean? Why should we applaud the abandonment of the land as a heroic act of genius? Two decades ago, we applauded Saleh because he gave the Saudis about three hundred thousand square kilometers [تضاهي تقريباً مساحة ألمانيا الاتحادية].

Every inch that the Yemenis extracted from the Houthis was an expensive one, and every free Yemeni contributed to it, even by praying and praying and burning nerves. Saleh was – according to WikiLeaks – telling the Americans: Bomb and I will say it is our planes. Humans are not in the account of that family, and at a critical time, he said about his war with the Houthis: an administrative dispute. Even the republic itself presented him to a terrorist group, believing that he was practicing a political tactic, until the hammer fell on his head and his brain flew over the filthy front horns. Yesterday, Nasrallah spoke about the war in Yemen, and threatened the whole world, saying: Neither Saudi Arabia, nor the Arab League, nor the United Nations, nor the whole world will change the fate of the ongoing battle in Yemen. He was very confident of victory and challenged Saudi Arabia, saying: Confront Hezbollah, leave Lebanon, and confront us however you want. Yemen Marhawash Syria surrounded by countries and terrain and equations. Yemen is another thing: the sea and Saudi Arabia. Iran will obtain it, and will make it its platform on both sides: the sea and Saudi Arabia. In the end, millions of porters will join her in her armies. Al-Houthi is fighting with tens of thousands of children from families that were, and may still be, a republic to the bone. Any victor can turn the defeated into an army, which they usually do. The Houthis have a weapon that will enable them to win the battle of Mocha: ballistic and marches. From there to Bab al-Mandab, then to Aden. The Houthis are not in a hurry, as they have left the matter of their country to international organizations and international calls, and have been busy importing and installing weapons.

You are a great hero, okay. Just tell me two clear words so that I can understand the story: Why did you make this move? Big military secret? Okay, big military secret, and his money. Bs no Stockholm and Stockholm. You could say: Who are you to ask me for clarification? Okay, no clarification, no flaw. But your clarification issued officially by you was very lighthearted and stupid. You did not explain, but you spat in people’s faces and their minds. Do you know why people are mad and angry? Because she knows that the land that you handed over to the Houthis has not even you, or your guards, shed a single drop of sweat. Your mission during the war was to secure the liberated areas, not to liberate them. And someone else is the one who pays the price. And as usual, as the uncle did, I received the entire estate and then gave it to the imams. On WikiLeaks about your brother Ammar: Not the man you would invite to dinner, but the one who knows where the bodies are. Humans are not a significant thing, your uncle used to describe humans as “cards”.

Look, brother Tariq, let me write you an explanation like the elephant:

To the masses of our steadfast and steadfast people, we have taken this step for your sake, and in order to drop the dose.

And walk the dose, for example, and believe me, the country is full of people who walk the dose with you. Your late uncle called in his famous December speech the masses of the people to rise up in defense of the republic, unity and democracy. He justified his call by saying: After this group crossed all the red lines and besieged my home and the homes of my children.

He said it with a full mouth: The Republic is my home and the homes of my children. Ordinarily, we marched as a revolution, and we marched as a martyr, even the greatest of martyrs, and if anyone dares to question the sanctity of that moment, great activists from the land of Ma’afer and its surroundings will attack him and do vicious acts with it.

The important thing is, brother Tariq, let me tell you a little German story, which is usually told to adults:

Mr. Meyer was clever, and in the middle of every battle, he knew the outcome, jumping straight to the victor’s side and fighting with him. And so, from one victor to another, year after year, until he found himself standing next to Satan.

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