100 killed in Marib battles… and the death of a prominent commander with the rank of major general


About 100 fighters of the Yemeni army and the Houthi militia were killed in fierce battles today, Wednesday, around the city of Marib.

“AFP” quoted a military source in the Yemeni army, saying that at least 100 fighters were killed in the Marib battles, during the past hours.

The source indicated that in the past 48 hours, 68 Houthis and 32 government forces were killed in confrontations and air raids on the Marib fronts.

In addition, a number of its members were buried by the Houthi militia, who were killed during the battles of Marib, including the prominent field leader, who impersonated a major general, Amin Dhaifallah al-Wadi.

The Marib fronts witnessed violent battles from 3 axes, south, east and north of the city, without achieving field progress for the Houthi militias, which recently brought down the Harib and Rahba districts.

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