“15” new hostesses join the Yemenia Airlines crew


15 new flight attendants joined the Yemenia airline crew.

On Wednesday morning, a graduation ceremony was held at the General Administration of Yemeni Airways in the temporary capital, Aden, for the batch of flight attendants, who were trained and qualified by the Air Hospitality Department and the Air Safety Department, which lasted for three months and included many tests that qualify them to work during flights.
The graduation ceremony was held under the auspices of the Chairman of the Yemeni Aviation Council, Captain Ahmed Masoud Al-Alwani, who, since assuming the leadership of the company, has been working on developing, modernizing and selecting qualified employees in accordance with the requirements required by each job, while adhering to civil aviation regulations and systems.

Captain Al-Alwani stated that during the past period, the company was able to overcome many difficulties due to which companies went bankrupt and laid off their employees, but our company continued to fly thanks to its children, and in the coming days we will have many bright spots, the most important of which is the reception of the AFC A320-200 (Socotra) after passing the C test – CHECK, as well as receiving the new plane, A330-200, and our adoption of health insurance without any burden on the employees, and the next is better and more beautiful by uniting each other and our keenness to perform our work with full vigor and activity.

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