3 leaders of the legitimate forces were killed in the battles of Marib (the names)


3 leaders of the National Army were killed in the battles between the National Army and the Houthi militia in Marib.

Military sources reported that Colonel Saleh Muhammad al-A’thal al-Muradi, Jawas Saeed Ali al-Saifi al-Muradi and Mubarak Salih al-Abdali al-Sayadi al-Muradi were killed today, Thursday, in the al-Juba front, south of Marib governorate.

The sources added, “The military leaders were killed while they were on the front lines of the battle front in the south of the province.”

The Marib fronts have been witnessing major battles for more than eight months, amid Houthi attempts to advance, but the heroes of the National Army and the tribesmen were able to confront the militia and inflict defeats on it.

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