5 Yemenis win US elections (names and photos)


Five Americans of Yemeni descent won, in the US local elections, between the position of mayor and membership in the local council.

The sources said that Dr. Amir Ghaleb won the mayor of Hamtramck, and Abdullah Hammoud Saeed won the mayor of Derbon.

Yemeni Amira Al-Muflihi won the local council for the city of Kauna, New York, and Adam Al-Barmaki won the majority of votes in the city of Hamtramck and won the membership of the local council.

The sources confirmed that Khalil Al-Rifai won the membership of the local council, Madin Hamtramck, bringing the number of Yemeni winners to 5 out of 7 candidates from the community, according to the sources.

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