A “American” “British” “Egyptian” green light on a “decisive battle” to defeat the Houthis


Today, Tuesday, Yemeni, American, British, and Egyptian military talks were held regarding a decisive battle to defeat the Houthi rebels, who reject a UN peace plan and end the war, in an indication that appears to be a green light for a decisive battle to end the Houthi militia coup.

In this context, Lieutenant-General Saghir Hammoud bin Aziz, Chief of the General Staff, met today, Tuesday, with Colonel Mart Whiteman, the US military attache, and the two sides discussed developments on the national scene, and the role played by the Yemeni armed forces in combat operations in defense of legitimacy and international security and peace in The region, the region, and even the world, and securing international navigation and trade routes in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

Bin Aziz referred to the role that the United States should play and the international duty entrusted to it as the guardian of democracy and the main guarantor of security in the region.

He noted that the Iranian terrorist Houthi group destroyed and mined everything by planting various landmines without taking into account a child, animal or woman, and mined the sea with sea mines and used booby-trapped boats and unmanned boats, and also mined the sky using drones, without regard to the rules of engagement and international humanitarian law. .

Bin Aziz stressed that Iran and its allies in the region are the source of evil in the world, praising the military, political and economic support of the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For his part, the US military attache referred to the nature of US military relations and that Yemen is a key partner in combating terrorism and securing the region, stressing the US’s continued support for legitimacy and its efforts to establish lasting peace in Yemen.

On the same level, Lieutenant-General bin Aziz met today with Colonel Peter Lee Jasek, the British military attaché, to discuss field developments, various situations on the national scene, issues of common interest and the positive role the United Kingdom can play in supporting legitimacy and the Yemeni armed forces financially and morally to implement Its combat missions, restoring legitimacy and ending the Iran-backed Houthi coup.

The British military attache emphasized the continuation of the UK’s efforts to support legitimacy and the Yemeni armed forces until the restoration of the state, the end of the coup and the achievement of lasting peace.

Lieutenant-General bin Aziz indicated during his meeting today with the military attache of the Egyptian Embassy, ​​Brigadier General Staff Mohamed Nagy, that the Yemeni armed forces are carrying out pioneering tasks and unparalleled sacrifice on behalf of the region and the world in standing firm and firm in the face of the Iranian terrorist priestly project.

He noted that the Arab Republic of Egypt and its armed forces today constitute a wall against all conspiracies, and Yemen today needs its support and backing to complete its republican and pan-Arab project.

For his part, the Egyptian military attache said, “Egypt and its armed forces link them to Yemen with a common destiny and history, in which blood and lives were mixed, and that the leadership of the Egyptian armed forces will not spare any effort and will not falter in its national duty towards the Yemeni people.”

Today, Tuesday, bin Aziz briefed the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, on the developments in the field on various fronts, including Marib and the West Coast, where the heroes control positions of honor, heroism and redemption and make epics of victory in defense of the pride and victory of the homeland.

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