A big theft for the one responsible for the collapse of the Yemeni riyal


Regarding the payment of soldiers’ salaries in Aden, this issue was raised recently

Of course, the banking price of the Saudi riyal is calculated at 240 riyals, while the market price is 400. The difference is that you can ask Shakib where to go, to whom, who benefits from it, and who transfers part of it to Saudi Arabia

Whoever thinks that the development company or any company through which he is spending is the beneficiary is stupid

Is it reasonable for the company to spend at the price it wants while the group is watching?!

Shakib is the one who spends it in the bank, and Shakib sends the exchange rate every week to the Saudi side, and he spends according to Shakib’s request and transfers to soldiers according to the statement and in Yemeni riyals

The company has nothing but the agreed commission, which is the transfer commission, while the difference is 160 riyals, which is stolen by the bank’s management and those behind it.

I have previously hinted to you several times that Shakib is leaning against a wall of officers and a lobby with legitimacy, he eats without boredom, he eats with an unparalleled appetite, like a wormy wither, dear God, they will never be satisfied.

Eat green and dry

And now some want to hold the company responsible.

Ask all the companies and banks through whom salaries have been transferred, how is the mechanism for disbursement?

The amount is given to the bank and the bank is priced and disbursed at the price raised by the Saudi side, and then the company through which the exchange is made is notified and the statement is sent to it in Yemeni riyals.

As for the difference between your rival, Shakib, the deputy governor of the bank, it is the black box and the launderette that washes away the horrific corruption.

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