A brigade commander in the “Giants” and all his forces fall into the hands of the Houthis after refusing to withdraw from Hodeidah


The Houthi militia was able to tighten the siege by forces from a brigade affiliated with the giants, in the Houthi province, and the families of its fighters and commander, after his decision to refuse to withdraw and start the confrontation.

Media sources said that the commander of the Fifth Giants Brigade, Abu Haroun Al-Yafei, was captured by the Houthi militia, in Al-Tahita District, south of Hodeidah (western Yemen).

The sources indicated that Al-Yafei was captured, on Friday evening, with a number of the brigade’s forces, after his siege in the north of the Al-Tuhayta district, following clashes with the militias, as a result of the sudden withdrawal from the district.

The sources confirmed that the militias tightened their control over the district, and the rest of the areas from which the joint forces withdrew during the past two days.

This comes in light of the continuous withdrawals of the joint forces from Hodeidah governorate, without knowing the reasons so far. However, a statement issued by some forces stationed there for nearly 3 years confirmed that the withdrawal aims to reposition in areas not covered by the Stockholm Agreement.

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