A call that robs “Saudi” of half a million riyals


A citizen in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fell victim to financial fraud, which resulted in the withdrawal of half a million riyals (equivalent to 134,000 dollars) from his bank account in a local bank; According to the local newspaper, “Makkah”, the legal advisor, Abdul Rahman Al Shaiban, was quoted as saying.

The newspaper stated that the concerned citizen received a call last week from a fixed phone, and when he answered the call, the caller identified himself as an employee in the management of the bank in which his account was deposited, and told him that his account needed to be updated to increase security from hacking, requesting the IBAN number and the password from the victim The citizen actually gave his data, then, less than a minute later, he gave him his secret number, which he received via a message, and soon he received a message transferring all that was in his account, an amount of half a million riyals, to the account of a foundation in the name of a woman.

The citizen went to the bank immediately, but the bank informed him that he “could not do anything” after excessively submitting his data, asking him to go to the police.

Lawyer “Shaiban” confirmed that when the fraudster obtained the victim’s citizen’s data, he quickly entered the “Mubasher” application, and completed the banking process until he was able to transfer all the amount in the citizen’s account to another account. It is not known if the owner is in the Kingdom; Which makes the process of returning the amount to its owner complicated.

The case of a citizen being subjected to financial fraud, last March, caused an uproar on social media, as he said that after he applied for a job, he found an advertisement requesting some personal data, and after submitting his data on the advertisement, a person called him, claiming that he had called for a “job interview” and that it registered, adding that “the fraudster asked him serious and real questions that are asked in any job interview.”

And he continued, “The fraudster informed him that another person would call him after a week, as he also told him that in order to receive the call, he must provide a (code), which will be sent to him, and after sending (the code), his account was linked directly with (Absher)”, to turn out later that Scammers took loans on his name and the name of other people.

At the time, the incident caused the Central Bank to issue a statement, and to form a committee to investigate, where it was found that the concerned financing company was newly licensed, and it was directed to prevent the fraud from recurring again.

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