A comprehensive collapse.. More than seven districts are devoured by the Houthis in the blink of an eye


Yemeni journalist and writer, Zakaria Al-Kamali, confirmed that during the past three weeks, the internationally recognized Yemeni government has been subjected to comprehensive collapses at all levels.

In his article entitled “A Comprehensive Collapse and a Bystander Government”, he said that the legitimate government had been subjected to comprehensive collapses, and a political, military and economic failure.

Al-Kamali added: “More than seven directorates in the governorates of Al-Bayda, Shabwa and Marib were lost by the legitimate government, and the Houthis devoured them in the blink of an eye. The Yemeni riyal in the legitimate areas lost about 20 percent of its value in just a month.”

He pointed out that “disappointment” is the most prominent fruit achieved by the legitimate government in all regional and international forums, in the political field.

Al-Kamali said that all this double failure did not prompt legitimacy to emerge and reveal the Yemeni street about the truth of what happened and what will happen during the next stage, or announcing quick remedies for the deficiencies or holding the negligent accountable.

He added: “If the fall of several directorates and the collapse of the riyal to 1200 against the dollar, i.e. a 100 percent difference from the exchange rates in Sana’a, did not provoke the leadership of the “legitimacy”, then what is the major event that could disturb its sleep and make it wake up from its long slumber? “.

The Yemeni writer stressed that any military setback cannot be borne by the soldier who has been in the lines of fire for months without a salary or a qualitative weapon with which to repel Houthi attacks, which is equipped with all the advanced Iranian capabilities, but rather is borne by the legitimate government under which this soldier is fighting under its banner. He also stressed that any economic deterioration is not borne by currency speculators, but by the government authorities responsible for protecting citizens from brokers and crisis dealers.

Al-Kamali suggested that in the absence of any reaction from the legitimate government, the economic conditions, and before that the military, will slip into an unknown tunnel during the remaining months of this year, and the citizen will not be able to buy a loaf of bread after it rose from 5 riyals before the war to 50 riyals.

According to the writer, the Yemenis, in the north and in the south, are paying the price for the opportunism of the ruling authorities, who take them hostage for their narrow projects, and refuse to provide the necessary services or stop the war by going to a political solution.

He explained that after seven years of war, the political unity evaporated with the presence of two or more ruling regimes, and the economic unit with two currencies, and one geography was fragmented, noting that only suffering maintained its unitary momentum from the farthest corner of Yemen.

The writer Al-Kamali attributed the reason to the fact that the worst produced by Yemeni history of corrupt authorities, unruly factions and opportunistic elites, are the ones that are at the forefront of the scene in these difficult moments, and they are the ones who circulate the torments to the home of every Yemeni.

He concluded by saying: “In Sana’a, people are no longer waiting for the coup authorities to survive, and this is a great achievement provided by a bloody group like the Houthis. As for Aden and the rest of the cities that are euphemistically called liberated, the population is waiting from the government for any material evidence that proves that the “legitimacy “, which is supposed to provide them with safety and a decent life, is still alive.”

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