A “congressional” government official reminds “Tariq Saleh” of the biggest mistake he made in his life


A government official reminded Brigadier General Tariq Saleh of the biggest mistake he made in his political and military career, after the latter’s statements about the battle to “take back Sanaa.”
Abdul Ghani Jamil, Mayor of the capital, said in a post on his Facebook page that “Brigadier Tariq made mistakes, and the big mistake was his alliance with Al-Houthi, and we do not forget that everyone made a mistake.”
Jamil confirmed that Saleh “atone for his shortcomings,” adding, “Since his departure from Sanaa, he has not offended anyone except for the slogan of our destination, Sana’a.
According to Jamil, “Saleh is a brave man. I salute him, and whoever says otherwise is a sick person.”
This comes a day after Brigadier General Tariq Saleh called “for everyone who can carry weapons today” to carry it to fight the “priestly gang.”

He stressed that Al-Houthi poses a threat not only to Yemen, but also to the countries of the region and the region, while mocking the allegations of “the paid group that pays lip service to sovereignty when it was originally established, trained and financed by Iran.”

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