A “dangerous element”…the arrest of a drug promoter in Aden


The Security Belt forces in Aden managed to arrest a person in possession of a quantity of drugs with the intent of trafficking.

The central operations of the Security Belt Forces, Aden, said that investigations revealed that a person had traded the narcotic hashish taken from his home in Al-Taqnia City, Mansoura District, the scene of his criminal activity.

She added that the emergency forces in the eighth sector, after legalizing the procedures, carried out a security raid to target it, where the accused (A.A.A.) was arrested, in possession of 800 grams of hashish and tools used in the process of cutting and selling hashish.

Confronting the accused, he confessed to possessing narcotics with intent to trade, to be detained at the sector’s headquarters in preparation for referring him to the competent authorities, and the seizures were made according to the operational source.

The central operations of the security belt in Aden confirmed that the accused is one of the most dangerous elements that traffic and promote drugs and narcotic pills in the capital, Aden.

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