A “declaration of war”…the Hadhramaut transitional government accuses the local authority of provoking it and warns


The local authority in Hadhramaut governorate, represented by the governorate’s governor, commander of the second military region, Major General Faraj Al-Bahsani, removed the flags of the former People’s Democratic State of Yemen (South Yemen) from a number of buildings and military points days after they were raised on them.

The process of removing the southern transitional flag in the Hadhramaut governorate, where its executive body issued a warning statement, which it called compromising national principles and provoking the feelings of the masses by removing southern flags and symbols from military points, and prepared this act as a declaration of war – according to its description -.

The statement, which Al-Mashhad Al-Yamani obtained a copy of, stated:

At a time when the people of Hadhramaut are preparing to celebrate the 58th anniversary of the glorious October 14 Revolution, and to organize a ceremony honoring the families of the martyrs who gave their lives for the liberation and independence of the south, the local authority surprised us with the decision to lower the flag that fell in order to raise hundreds of martyrs and dozens of wounded.

We, in the executive body of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Hadhramaut Governorate, warn the local authority in the governorate against compromising the national principles

And provoke the feelings of the masses by dropping the flags and southern symbols from the military points.

As we condemn and denounce this hostile and provocative act of the will of the masses of our people in the governorate, who adhere to their southern identity, and which they have expressed on more than one occasion, we hold the local authority for the provocative act that occurred and we call on it to correct this mistake, which was made by the enemies of Hadhramaut, and the enemies of its elite, and the immediate initiative to restore The southern flags, under whose banner the finest youths of the governorate were martyred, fought and fought for their elevation, the free men and women of Hadramawt with their various interpretations.

We warn it against identifying with the diabolical agenda of the conspirators, who have been seeking for a long time, to create chaos and overthrow the coastal directorates, and to eliminate the greatest achievement of Hadhramaut, represented by its military elite, and the security and stability achieved.

We, in the executive body of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Hadhramaut governorate, call on the Hadhramaut bloc in the National Assembly and members of the Executive Body to convene permanently, study this dangerous provocation, and take the appropriate decision regarding it.

We address the local authority in the language of reason and logic: Hasten to nullify the conspiracy, and do not provide an opportunity for the stalkers, by pouring more oil on the burning fire in the street, due to the deterioration of services, the continuous collapse of the currency and the anger of the hungry, so it does not lack more congestion, by provoking the feelings of its citizens, by encroaching on their national principles .

Observers believe that the Southern Transitional Council seeks to create strife inside Hadhramaut in light of the Houthi threat, which has become close to the largest governorate in terms of area and the richest wealth in the country.

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