A disgrace in the intelligence work and a stab in the Yemeni self and the morals of Yemenis


Journalist Hussein al-Sufi said: “Throwing the security services in Ma’rib at a Houthi cell disguised as women is a disgrace to the intelligence work.

Al-Sufi added, “After the arrest of several Houthi women’s cells previously, the Houthis used other methods, including sending their members in women’s clothes.”

He explained that “these elements were sent from Sana’a, and when they reached Marib, they were arrested, with maps, equipment and explosives in their possession, and the seizures they had indicate their planning to carry out terrorist operations.”

And last Sunday, the security services in Marib Governorate announced the arrest of a Houthi militia member in a women’s dress while trying to infiltrate the city.
And the Special Security Forces in Marib stated that a Houthi militia member was arrested at one of the security points of the security services in Ma’rib while infiltrating Ma’rib in women’s clothes, and the owner of the car that was waiting for him to arrive at the next point was arrested, and handed over to the competent authorities.

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