A dissident Houthi leader attacks his group: “No one celebrates the Prophet’s birthday in a garbage can and salaries are cut off.”


The dissident Houthi leader, Ali Al-Bakhiti, launched a violent attack on his group regarding their celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, in light of the interruption of salaries and the doubling of taxes, and amid the accumulation of garbage.

The leader, Ali Al-Bakhiti, said in tweets on his account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, which was monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, that “the Houthis turned the celebration of the Prophet’s birth into a season for theft and looting of citizens.”

He added: “The Houthis were not satisfied with cutting salaries, doubling taxes and imposing royalties, but rather they reached out to ask every home to donate for their occasions, and whoever does not donate is punished by various means, including stopping his share of gas, for example, leading to accusing him of being with what they call “aggression.”

He continued: “The Houthi celebrations of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad are nothing but a mass theft carried out by the movement’s followers against the helpless citizens, and they cover up these theft ceremonies with the birth of Fatima, Zaid, Allan and Fellatan, in addition to the manifestations of distortion that affect every place that is painted green, so no one in the world distorts Its cities are so disgusting.”

And he added: “No one celebrates in a garbage barrel except Al-Houthi, and if the memory does not motivate you even to clean the place where you write the banners of the occasion, then what is its importance?!”

He pointed out that “Al-Houthi does not even deliver the salaries of employees for years, not only this, but also chases people to homes to donate to his endless religious occasions.”

He wondered: Did the Houthi authority open a single school or build a road or pave it with asphalt? There are none, and the projects that have been opened are all – without exception – funded by international organizations.

He noted that “people in Houthi-controlled areas live in extreme poverty, ignorance and disease, and Abdul-Malik al-Houthi gives a sermon for more than an hour about the celebrations of the Prophet’s birthday and its importance in the advancement and civilization of the nation!”; In an implicit attack on the recent speech of the Houthi rebel leader.

By exaggerating the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday through pieces of cloth and green paint, the Houthi militia provokes widespread ridicule, describing them as “green algae.”

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