A dissident Houthi leader describes the withdrawal of Tariq Saleh’s forces from the western coast as a “positive step” and a new blow to the rebels


Today, Friday, a defected Houthi leader described the redeployment of the joint forces on the western coast as a “positive step” and a new blow to the Houthi rebels.

Ali Al-Bakhiti said in a tweet on his account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, which was monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, “If Tariq’s forces in the coast withdrew from some squares in response to the demands of the United Nations team, I consider this a positive step to prove that the Houthis are obstructing peace.”

He added: The campaign against these forces is nothing but a continuation of the opposition of the Brotherhood’s hate bloc that has extended since 2011, which was the most important cause of the Yemen crisis.

Informed sources had confirmed the redeployment in Hodeidah and the evacuation of Stockholm sites to a new theater of operations that would restore the national battle to its rightful place, which is what will happen in Shabwa, Marib and other fronts.

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