A fair case and a failed lawyer


All issues found a way towards a solution, except for the issue of the Yemeni people, which experienced more severe issues. The politicians and leaders succeeded in overcoming all the turning points, except for us.

We are led by a team whose stomach is presented to its dignity, they deal with a sacred issue with the standards of a cheap commodity, a team that has hidden from the people and left all the pains of the homeland, is not good at friendship or antagonism.

Behind this team are frivolous elites who have failed in everything, except for the disappointments they have been inflicted on…another catastrophe to be added to the Houthi curse.

How tired of this people who have a just cause, but it is at the mercy of a failed lawyer. This lawyer who flaunts his cause and turns his back on his country and his people cannot be appreciated as an ally or a partner. His allies will leave him as a reproach and insult.

The world did not unanimously agree on the justice of an issue like its unanimity on the justice of the cause of the Yemeni people. It took an absolute bias towards us and did not give the Houthi militias an inch in an embassy or give them sadaqa with condolences for an injury or congratulations for joy. Unfortunately, he did not find anyone to seize this opportunity, and he was not ready to frequent the hotel guests or fight on their behalf.

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