A final advice to legitimacy and the forces of Tariq Saleh and the transitional .. before the ax falls in the head


I have heard the relevant advice, and write it here to reach those you have not yet reached, for I am not – by God who knows the intention – from amateurs to score points, nor from those who are experienced with this or that, or these or those, for we have hated disagreements and their owners, and we are separated from those who blow into it, and ignite it. Its fire, and after all this, I do not think that we will be saved from the disgrace of this world and the torment of the Hereafter, except for a gathering of a row, or a word of truth, or true advice, whose source is a good intention.


▪︎ Destiny has written on Marib that it is – the most important line of defense – for the dignity of all Yemenis, and that it bears and bears the exorbitant tax, so Al-Houthi mobilized to break it his strongest battalions, supplemented it with his most important weapons, mocked all his capabilities, and threw in it with all his weight.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, our latest weapons, our strongest equipment, and our most powerful forces are still far from the ferocity of the battle, and outside the action and effectiveness, as if they are not concerned with the ongoing war, and have nothing to do with the blood of men that flow and the skulls of heroes that fly even for the safety of these forces themselves and their leaders! !

It is a disgraceful act and a shameful act for these forces, whether coastal, legitimate, transitional, or border ones, to remain far from Al-Nusra, ceasing to panic and justifying their sitting with sweet talk, a suspicious agreement, or a sort that Al-Houthi does not believe in and will not stop at.

Her silence was prolonged, her silence continued, and her silence extended!!

And whoever bears worry will not lack the means and will not be incapable of the trick.

If these forces do not break out today, and rise up from their places against the accursed Houthi – the sworn enemy of all of them – let them wait for their disastrous fate, and what is easier, faster, and closer to catching them, and they are the scattered ones, who lag behind the course of the battle!!

Our problem today is not a lack of equipment or equipment, nor is our problem in the morale of the men and patience with hardship as much as it is in stupidity and our separation is the separation of the hands of Sheba!!

In the 2004 wars, everyone released everyone until Al-Houthi singled out each victim separately, then the result was that I finished off all the victims!!

We did not learn the lesson!!

Then he marched from Saada to Amran and Sana’a, so they left him and did not resist him, and this healed in that, until he cured all of his anger from them!!

We did not learn the lesson!!

Then he set out towards Aden while he was deceiving her by standing up for her self-determination until he destroyed it!!

We did not learn the lesson!!

Today, it is as if we are still in our old misguidance, so if we persist in it, our dignity will be distracted by all of us, not because of its strength, but because of our division and the admiration of everyone who has an opinion of his opinion.

God is God, so there is still plenty of time for awakening and purification from destructive selfishness.

And whoever does not fight today and with him is fighting, he will not fight tomorrow alone, and if he fights, what will make him weaker and faster in defeat!!

Today is the day and time of the battle

When will you sharpen your sword, Abbas?!!

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