A final push by the “Houthis” .. “Al-Maqdashi” announces the joining of new snipers to the ranks of the Yemeni army in Marib


Defense Minister Lieutenant-General Muhammad al-Maqdashi said, “The military leadership pays great attention to the efforts and programs of training, rehabilitation and combat and moral preparation for members of the armed forces, as it is the main pillar for building a national military institution whose loyalty and affiliation to the homeland and to the principles and goals of the revolution and the republic, and that the homeland defense institution will remain the real guarantor of the homeland’s security, stability and future.” “.

During his attendance at a combat parade and a ceremony marking the graduation of the 47th batch of snipers in Marib, the Minister of Defense stressed that the heroes of the army and the resistance deal with professionalism and high combat efficiency with all the attempts of the Iranian Houthi militia, which threw its forces, equipment, expertise, techniques and weapons that it receives from the head of evil in Tehran towards Marib and Al-Jawf. Its capabilities are depleted and dismantled, and it will not be able to achieve its hostile goals and expansionist ambitions.

Adding that, “Iran and its militias’ suicidal impulsion will be the last, and the enemies’ plans are defeated and shameful in front of the men’s valor, their papers are falling and their illusions are shattered on the various fighting fronts throughout the theater of operations for the entire geography of Yemen.”

Al-Maqdashi congratulated the participants on the occasion of their graduation and their acquisition of knowledge and martial arts that would qualify them to join the battle ranks to participate in confronting the Iranian project, its Houthi militia and terrorist groups.

He conveyed to the commanders, officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers the greetings of the political leadership represented by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and his deputy, Lieutenant-General Ali Mohsen Saleh.. He thanked the management of the center and the trainers for their efforts in the field of training and rehabilitation for members of the armed forces.. Considering that this constellation is It will be a qualitative supporter of the armed forces and will join the combatant heroes on the fronts of struggle and redemption.

Al-Maqdashi said that the homeland is more valuable than all interests and accounts, and the critical moment that Yemen is going through requires everyone to unite ranks and stand hard to restore its state, stability and sovereignty, and for the free to line up in one trench with all comrades-in-arms and every bullet and voice that stands against the existential danger and fights against the Iranian Houthi enemy .

He added, “The morale of the heroes is high, their faith is stable, and their ranks are cohesive. Today, more than ever, we are confident that victory is an ally of Yemen, its republic and its civilized project. History is written by fighters on the ground, and great transformations are made by men’s arms, sincerity, sincerity of loyalty and nobility of their goals.”

The Minister of Defense noted the support provided by the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Yemeni people and its armed forces, effective air support for field combat operations, and the Arab stand against Iranian threats to national security, global interests, and international maritime navigation.

This comes a day after the recognized Yemeni government announced the arrival of huge military forces to the Marib fronts.

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