A former diplomat reveals the only wish of the new UN envoy, and warns of a scheme that ends with “the melting of legitimacy”


A former Yemeni diplomat revealed the wish of the new UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, which he seeks to achieve in Yemen.

The former diplomat at the Yemeni embassy in France, Mustafa Naji, said, “The ultimate hope of the envoy’s office at this stage is the acceptance of the Yemeni parties to sit at the dialogue table just to sit down, and in this way they dictate their explosive conditions for the essence of peace.”

Mustafa Nagy confirmed that the UN envoy is trying to overcome the dilemma in which his predecessor, “Griffiths”, made him, explaining that “the international activity of the new envoy is Mahmoud. He may break the stalemate of the political process in Yemen, but his exploratory start does not mean his silence about the bloodshed that is taking place in more than one place in Yemen, and perhaps stressing the cessation of hostilities will enhance the credibility of these steps. Practically speaking, the new envoy is trying to get over the dilemma that his predecessor put him in.

He explained that Grundberg is seeking to get rid of the impasse, noting that “it is not a simple stalemate because it blew up the foundations of the work of the United Nations in the peace process to blow it up on the one hand and its failure to implement a partial agreement, which gave the Yemeni parties experience in manipulating and evading international pressures.”

He added, “The new steps seem to want to redefine the map of the political and military actors in Yemen.”

He warned against the new steps of the UN envoy, which will equate legitimacy with what is below it, saying: “A simple table will appear on one side, with dozens of political and armed forces, one of which is the government and the other is one unified political and military force, al-Houthi. In this way, the legitimacy dissolves so that the parties are legally equal.”

The former diplomat asked: “Within the context of Houthi areas: What about the Sanaa conference? What about the tribe that Arab diplomats and research centers perceive as an independent entity? What about capital? What about civil society?’.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the new UN envoy, “Grundberg”, ended his visit to the temporary capital, Aden, as part of his first tour after his appointment as envoy to Yemen, during which he met a number of Yemeni and Saudi officials.

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