A former Yemeni minister announces that government forces were subjected to a treacherous stab


A former minister in the internationally recognized Yemeni government said that government forces were subjected to a treacherous stab, referring to the withdrawal of forces from Hodeidah Governorate.

In a tweet via Twitter, Dr. Abdullah Lamlas, the former Minister of Education, wrote: “Withdrawing from Hodeidah is a stab in the back and revenge, and I leave you the explanation for that.”

During the past 48 hours, the joint forces withdrew from three districts in Hodeidah, while the Houthi militia rushed to take control of them.

The National Resistance Forces and the Republican Guard, led by Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, withdrew from several locations in Hodeidah, based on understandings led by UN envoy Hans Grundberg, with the aim of establishing a green area that is not under the control of both sides, south of Hodeidah.

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