A former Yemeni minister presents two appropriate options to support “Marib” in its great national battle


Today, Monday, the former Minister of State for the Implementation of the Outcomes of the National Dialogue – Deputy Secretary-General of the National Dialogue, Yasser Al-Raaini, presented two appropriate options to support the Marib Governorate in its great national battle, against the remnants of the Houthi rebels.

And he confirmed in a tweet on his account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, which was monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, that “the victory of Marib today is its support with money and weapons, as it is by opening the rest of the fronts alike.” He pointed out that “history will curse every official who falls short in his role or a military leader who does not move his members in this great national battle.”

He stressed that “Marib will be victorious in all its districts and cities, and history will be immortalized in letters of the light of the heroism of its sons and the sacrifices of our national army in it.”

The Houthi militia continues its escalation towards the oil-rich province, which is crowded with hundreds of thousands of displaced people, with the continuation of violent battles along the front lines south and west of the city, leaving dozens of dead and wounded from the army, tribes and Houthis.

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