A French magazine finds the keys to corruption in the pocket of Muin Abdul Malik


The French magazine “Le Point” found many keys to the doors through which corruption exits in Yemen and revealed many of them with documents and facts. The history of Yemen since 1962 AD.

The report of the French magazine confirms that the appointment of Moein Abdul-Malik as head of the government was one of the ugly manifestations of everything wrong that has faced Yemen since the Houthi coup against constitutional legitimacy, which allowed a small elite of politicians to control, dominate and exploit all aspects of the state to collapse under the weight of successive crises and its features became more apparent with The advent of Muin Abdul Malik, a financial and economic explosion, political stagnation and military decline.

In all countries, especially in crises, warlords turn into politicians, except in Yemen, politicians turn into warlords, and Mu’in Abdul Malik is one of those who practiced politics and turned into a warlord pushing the country towards bankruptcy, and his government became very similar to the government brought in by the United States of America to Iraq after 2003.

The most ironic is that the palates in a certain era became rich and the rich who worked with their efforts became poor, and the numbers cited by the magazine for Mo’in’s property are fictitious, as it was mentioned that he bought a three-storey villa in 86 Rue Ena in Paris for a value of nine million six hundred thousand euros, in addition to real estate and companies Distributed between Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

He has proven that he is an obedient student since Muhammad Al Jaber imposed him as prime minister

And he set the goals according to which he would work, content with working within the economic circle to sabotage the rest of the military and political circles with corruption, and thus he was working under the inspiration of the Roman myth that speaks of the utmost degree of curse, meaning that death remains one, whether we are killed by the war imposed by warlords, or we die of starvation. What is imposed on us by Mu’in Abdul Malik, there is no difference.

This academic who came to the presidency of the government beating the drums of fighting corruption fiercely through a slogan, I have nothing to do with what is political or military, but I will devote myself to the economy, today he sleeps on hundreds of millions of dollars while thirty million Yemenis are devouring corruption, and they are struggling today to survive the worst catastrophe Economically, the national currency has lost 90 percent of its value, the cost has increased by 450 percent, and the country is draining its human energy that is being smuggled abroad.

In a certain era, lies have become more and more creative to conceal the truth of his corruption

We demand that the House of Representatives play its oversight role and not be part of the corruption institution that swallows aid, aid and deposits without any consequences. We also demand that the Prime Minister be charged with the judicial authorities and demand the formation of an international committee to follow up where the money that entered Yemen went and was spent without any oversight.

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