A government official rules out the success of any alignment against Al-Houthi in light of the presence of this figure at the head of legitimacy


Yesterday, Friday, a government official launched an attack on Vice President Ali Mohsen Saleh, stressing that any national alignment would not succeed with his presence at the head of legitimacy.

On Friday, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information, Fahd Al-Sharafi, ruled out the success of any national alignment against the Houthi militia, or any military progress on the fronts, with Ali Mohsen at the head of legitimacy.

Al-Sharafi said, on his Twitter account: “No national alignment will succeed in the presence of Ali Mohsen at the head of legitimacy, and the fronts will not advance one iota while he is in control of the military file.”

And he continued, “We will not see a victory when he (Ali Mohsen) plots, corrupts and revels at the expense of the cause and fate of the Yemeni people.”

Al-Sharafi concluded his tweet by saying: “You want to continue the experiment with the experimenter from 1974 AD, continue and you will only taste the bitterness of defeats at his hand.”

Tariq Saleh had called on all national forces to line up to confront the Houthis.

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