A government official talks about opening fronts in several provinces against the army with international support


An official in the internationally recognized Yemeni government accused the United Arab Emirates of supporting military formations loyal to it to open fronts against the national army in several governorates.

Mukhtar Al-Rahbi, advisor to the Yemeni Minister of Information, said in a tweet via Twitter that the UAE, through its militias, has opened fronts against the army and security in several governorates, including Shabwa governorate, he said.

He referred to the UAE’s support for the forces loyal to opening the fronts against the army, which impeded the liberation operations and the battles against the Houthi militia.

He added: “The UAE and its military arms have turned into tools of demolition and opened new fronts against legitimacy, and this represents clear support and service with the Houthi militia.”

Yemeni officials accuse the UAE of working against legitimacy to achieve its interests, and seeks to divide Yemen and plunder its wealth, which Abu Dhabi denies.

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