A Gulf country calls on its citizens to leave Lebanon


Today, Thursday, the Kuwaiti embassy in Lebanon called on its citizens there to leave the country, and urged those wishing to travel to Lebanon to wait.

According to the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry’s statement, the embassy called on Kuwaiti citizens present in Lebanon to be vigilant and to stay away from gathering sites and security disturbances in some areas and not to leave their homes.

The embassy called on Kuwaitis to leave the country and urged those wishing to travel there to wait, against the backdrop of the clashes that took place in Beirut today.

The embassy also appealed to its nationals in Lebanon to communicate with it in case any assistance is needed.

This comes against the backdrop of armed clashes that took place in the Tayouneh neighborhood in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, which resulted in deaths and injuries during a protest by supporters of “Hezbollah” and the Amal movement against the decisions of the investigating judge in the port explosion.

And the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon announced in a statement today, and in an official, non-final toll, that the number of victims of the unfortunate clashes in Lebanon has so far reached 6, and the number of wounded is 32, including two in critical condition, and they are being treated in hospitals.

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