A Gulf country is offering the headquarters of its embassy in Lebanon for sale after withdrawing all its employees


A Lebanese radio revealed the intention of a Gulf country to offer the headquarters of its embassy in Beirut for sale, after withdrawing all its employees and preventing citizens from traveling to Lebanon.

“Voice of Beirut International” radio quoted a high-ranking Emirati source as saying: “The headquarters of the Emirati embassy in Lebanon will be offered for sale,” adding, “There is no longer any Emirati diplomat or employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon.”

The source indicated, according to the Lebanese radio, that “their return is linked to the return of sovereignty to this country.”

And last Saturday, the UAE announced the withdrawal of its diplomats from Lebanon, and State Minister Khalifa Shaheen Al-Marar said that the decision to withdraw the diplomats came in solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in light of the unacceptable approach by some Lebanese officials towards the Kingdom.

He pointed to the continuity of work in the consular section and the visa center in the country’s mission to Beirut during the current period.

Yesterday, Sunday, the UAE decided to prevent its citizens from traveling to Lebanon, and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation called on citizens in Lebanon to return to their homeland.

This comes in light of the Lebanese Minister of Information George Kordahi’s refusal to apologize for his position on the Yemen war, describing it as absurd, and that the Houthi militia is defending itself and Yemen from external aggression, as he put it.

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