A Gulf country tops the ranking of the most powerful Arab passports for 2021… and Yemen occupies this position!


Many people annually wait for the Henley Passport Index, which is based on the standards of the International Transport Association, to know the ranking of countries and the most powerful passports that enable its holder to travel without a visa or using a visa on arrival.

In the latest report of the “Henley” index of passports most suitable for travel for the year 2021, a list of 110 countries globally, where Japan topped the world ranking, where its citizens can access 192 destinations around the world, either without a visa or using a visa on arrival.
Singapore ranked first with Japan, so that its citizens can access 192 destinations, while South Korea ranked with Germany in second place, where citizens of the two countries can access 190 destinations without a visa or using a visa on arrival.
And about the top ten places, for the best passports for the year 2021, after Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Germany, Italy, Finland, Spain and Luxembourg (189 destinations), Denmark and Austria (188 destinations), according to “Al Arabiya Net”.

Sweden, France, Portugal, the Netherlands and Ireland rank sixth with 187 destinations, followed by Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Belgium and New Zealand (186 destinations), Greece, Malta, the Czech Republic, Australia (185 destinations), Canada and the United States (185 destinations), Hungary (183 destinations) destination).

As for the Arab countries, the UAE topped the Henley index of the most powerful passports, as it ranked 16th in the classification, with access to 174 destinations without a visa or visa on arrival, while Yemen ranked at the bottom of the list in the Arab world.

The most powerful Arab passports
1- UAE 174 destinations
2- Qatar 97 destinations
3- Kuwait 95 destinations
4- Bahrain 84 destinations
5- Oman 80 destinations
6 – Saudi Arabia 79 destinations
7- Tunisia 71 destinations
8- Morocco 63 destinations
9- Mauritania 59 destinations
10- Algeria and Jordan 52 destinations
11- Egypt 51 destinations
12- Lebanon and Sudan 41 destinations
13- Libya 40 destinations
14- Palestine 37 destinations
15- Yemen and Somalia 34 destinations
Below is the ranking:
103- North Korea 39 destinations
104- Libya and Nepal 40 destinations
105- Palestine 37 destinations
106- Somalia and Yemen 33 destinations
107- Pakistan 32 destinations
108- Syria 29 destinations
109- Iraq 28 destinations
110- Afghanistan 26 destinations

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