A harsh Iranian response to the UAE regarding the occupation of the three Emirati islands


Iran responded to an Emirati call at the United Nations regarding the evacuation of the occupied Emirati islands. Iran’s delegate to the United Nations rejected the UAE’s call for Tehran to “end its occupation of the three Emirati islands, Tunb al-Kubra, Tunb al-Sughra and Abu Musa.”

Today, Tuesday, Takht Ravanchi, Tehran’s representative to the United Nations, stressed that “the UAE’s claims about the three Iranian islands… are baseless,” describing the case as a result of a “misunderstanding.”

The Iranian delegate reiterated his country’s firm position on this issue, stressing that Tehran does not recognize the existence of such a controversial issue between the two countries.

He pointed out that the islands are an integral part of Iranian territory.. He added, “Although Iran does not recognize the allegations about the three islands, good-neighborly relations make us ready for bilateral talks with the UAE to end misunderstandings on the matter.”

This comes in response to the statements of the Minister of State in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Khalifa Shaheen Al Marar, during a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, calling on Iran to respect international law and the principles of good neighborliness, resolve disputes by peaceful means, and end its occupation of the three Emirati islands.

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