A horrific crime shakes the Yemeni capital… the brutal execution of a pregnant woman in the eighth month


In a brutal and unprecedented crime, a family in the temporary Yemeni capital, Aden (southern Yemen), murdered their daughter-in-law in a hideous way.

Activist Hani bin Alawi said: A heinous and dirty crime was committed by the family of the plaintiff / A, B against the wife of one of his sons.. Her name is Ruqayyah Khaled Hanash Al-Haythami Al-Kaldi, she is 17 years old and pregnant in the eighth month.

He indicated that the victim was hanged and then shot to obliterate the effects of the hanging.

According to the sources, the family accused the victim of killing herself after a dispute between her and her father-in-law that affected her honor and dignity, days before the crime that took place in the city of Al-Buraiqah in Aden.

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