A horrific incident rocks Sanaa.. He lures his wife out of the house, ends her life with a blow to the head, and burns her body.


A Yemeni citizen killed his wife and burned her body after luring her to an empty place outside a village in Hamedan District, north of the capital, Sana’a.

And media sources published new details about the incident, which dates back to July 2021, where the citizen, Muhammad Ali Mohsen Al-Jaifi (33 years), lured his wife, Umm Allah Saleh Mujahid Al-Jaifi (29 years), and asked her to go to her father’s house, alone, without her children.

The incident took place in the village of Al-Jaef in the Hamdan District of Sana’a Governorate, where the perpetrator asked his wife to go out with him to her father’s house, leaving their four daughters at home, the eldest of whom is 10 years and the fourth, which the wife did in implementation of his desire.

The details say that the perpetrator took his wife in his car to Mount Al-Daraa, which is about five kilometers from the house, and then took her soul by assaulting her with several blows to the head that were enough to kill her. Which Yemeni scene reserves to publish.

The sources stated that the perpetrator was arrested after the crime, but the case is still forgotten today, without retribution, and the motives for the crime are still ambiguous, despite the passage of more than two and a half months since the incident.

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