A horrific massacre in Marib, bloody battles, and an attack that has been going on for 10 hours


The southern fronts of Marib city witnessed the fiercest Houthi attack since the outbreak of the war, during the past hours.

Field sources said that the army and resistance forces, backed by coalition fighters, broke the fiercest attack by the militias during the past hours

The sources pointed out that the Houthi attack lasted for more than 10 continuous hours, and resulted in a massive massacre of militia fighters, in addition to destroying military vehicles and targeting reinforcements.

The Arab coalition announced late last night that it had thwarted a Houthi attack on Marib, from the southern side.

The Houthi militia is racing against time to make progress towards the city of Marib, after confusing its ranks with the sudden movement of the Taiz and Hodeidah fronts recently.

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