A horrific massacre in the ranks of the militias, the killing of the leaders of the Houthi campaign on “Al-Juba” and valuable fishing in the grip of the army and the resistance (the names)


A number of leaders of the Houthi militia were killed, assuming high military ranks, as a result of the battles taking place in Marib Governorate during the past hours, and another leader fell into the hands of the army and resistance fighters.

Today, Wednesday, field sources said that the Houthi militia lost 4 of its field leaders, during the past hours, on various fronts in Marib.

The sources pointed out that the Houthi leader, impersonating the rank of colonel, Ahmed Hussein Al-Dulai, was killed at the hands of tribesmen in the Abdiya front, and he is from Amran Governorate, Maswar District, isolated by Qilab.

The sources added that the Alfa front witnessed bloody battles, in which dozens of Houthi militia members were killed, including the Houthi leader “Abu Youssef Jahaf”.

In the Al-Juba district, the leaders of the Houthi campaign were killed, accompanied by dozens of elements, at the hands of the army and the resistance forces, hours after they infiltrated into populated areas in the village of Wasit.

The sources confirmed that the leaders of the Houthi campaign, Amin al-Sharif and Khaled al-Jubouri, were killed along with dozens of elements in the first hours of entering those areas.

In addition, the Houthi leader, who assumed the rank of Colonel “Mohammed Abdullah Al-Junaid”, was captured by the National Army forces on the southern Ma’rib front.

It is noteworthy that the National Army announced today a large-scale military operation to restore areas controlled by the militias in the Al-Juba district, adjacent to the city of Marib.

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