A horrific scene.. Watch the force of the explosion that targeted Aden International Airport and the first moments


Activists on social media circulated a video clip documenting the first moments of the explosion that targeted Aden International Airport, on Saturday evening.

The new scenes of the explosion, documented by a surveillance camera far from the airport site, showed the size of the large explosion that occurred in front of the outer gate of Aden International Airport.

The security authorities in Aden announced on Saturday evening that five civilians were killed and more than 25 wounded, including children and women, when a car bomb exploded near the first checkpoint to enter Aden International Airport in the city of Khor Maksar, east of the temporary capital.

The media office of the Aden Security Department said that a “Hilux” SUV exploded near the first security checkpoint to enter Aden International Airport.

He explained that the security services cordoned off the place, before the medical teams began to rescue the wounded to a number of Aden hospitals.

According to the statement, the explosion led to the burning and damage of a number of cars and homes of citizens in the residential neighborhood.

Noting that those involved in this explosion “will not escape punishment and that the security services will continue their battle with terrorism.”

Earlier, Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik directed the Security Committee in Aden Governorate to conduct an urgent investigation into the circumstances of the terrorist bombing that took place, Saturday evening, near the gate of Aden International Airport in the Khormaksar district, and the resulting casualties, including children.

The head of the Security Committee, Ahmed Lamlas, briefed Muin about preliminary information about this terrorist bombing, which led to the death and injury of a number of civilians, including children.

He explained that the circumstances of this terrorist bombing are being followed up, and the results will be announced as soon as possible.

The Prime Minister stressed the strengthening of security vigilance to miss the opportunity for everyone who targets the security and stability of the temporary capital, Aden, and directed the competent authorities to provide the necessary care to the wounded.

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