A horrific video from Sanaa.. Execution of “Houthi” and throwing him in the street, and his daughter’s screaming shakes the corners.. The latter reveals the identity of the “murderers” and breathes his life (watch)


Activists on social media circulated a video clip, documenting the moment of the death of a citizen in Sanaa, after militias killed him in a street in the capital.

The video showed the citizen, taking his last breath, and his daughter screaming next to him and asking him: Who killed you? To respond to it with one word: “Ansar Allah,” as he put it.

The sources said that the dead man was one of the elements loyal to the Houthi militia, and that the incident took place in Sanaa, while the Yemeni scene has not been able to know his identity so far.

Yesterday, Thursday, media sources revealed the killing of a prominent leader of the Houthi militia named “Abu al-Karar Saad al-Marani” at the hands of his bodyguard in the Tahrir neighborhood in Sana’a.

The sources said that the militias arrested Al-Marani’s bodyguard, after the incident, noting that Al-Marani works as a security supervisor in the Hawth district of Amran governorate.

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