A Houthi announcement about Marib forces Iran to change its positions on Saudi Arabia


Reuters revealed the developments of the negotiations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran, confirming Tehran’s emboldening after the Houthi militia announced new progress in Marib.

The agency said that talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran aimed at easing tensions have achieved little progress, expecting that the Houthis’ advance in Marib will further embolden Tehran.

Peter Salisbury, senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, says that “Iranian officials say that their ally, the Houthi militia, is very close to achieving victory in northern Yemen, if not the whole country, especially with the progress announced by the Houthis in the Marib Governorate.”

He added, “It is very difficult to understand why they or the Houthis feel that this is the right moment to stop,” noting that “the Saudis… will not leave (Yemen) at any cost, they need to present their intervention as being somewhat successful.”

He pointed out that “even if Riyadh reaches an agreement with the Houthis, ending the war requires an agreement between the countless Yemeni factions.”

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia and Iran held, from last April to September, about 5 rounds of negotiations, and the Yemeni file was at the top of its agenda. The talks were described by both sides as positive.

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