A Houthi field commander was killed in Hodeidah


Military sources revealed that a Houthi field commander was killed along with a number of Houthi militia members, by the joint forces’ fire, south of Hodeidah Governorate, in the west of the country.

The sources said that the Houthi leader, Hani Al-Marouni, nicknamed “Sajjad”, was killed along with other Houthi elements during a failed attack on the Al-Dinin area in the city of Hays.

The source added that the Houthi militia failed to retrieve the body of Al-Maroni, who hails from the old city of Sanaa.

Al-Maroni is considered the supervisor of a group whose members are stationed in Jabal Irfan, south of Hais. His group was recently transferred to the Al-Dinin axis, while another group led by another named Safwan Al-Wazir replaced it.

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