A Houthi fighter ran over and shot him directly in the street, killing him instantly


The Houthi militia has mysteriously liquidated one of its members involved in a number of crimes in Ibb Governorate.

Media sources said that Abdullah Sarran was killed, yesterday, Monday, by a car that belonged to the militia leader and appointed director of Ibb Investigation, “Ghanim Jaylan”, in one of the neighborhoods of the city of Al-Zahhar (the governorate center).

The sources indicated that the militias monitored Sarran in the Ahwal Ramadan neighborhood and ran over him and shot him directly, killing him instantly, according to “Yemen Shabab”.
The so-called Abdullah Sarran is one of the fighters of the Houthi militia participating in the fronts, and implicated in multiple crimes.

The number of mysterious killings and heinous liquidations rose in Ibb Governorate, which is under the control of the Houthi militia, in light of the great security chaos in the governorate.

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