A Houthi leader cordoned off a village in Ibb Governorate, preventing them from water and ordering his elements to uproot trees


The oldest Houthi leader, accompanied by more than one hundred armed elements, surrounded a village in Ibb governorate, central Yemen, closed all water wells and uprooted trees in an attempt to besiege the village and plunder its lands in his favour.
Local sources told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni that the Houthi leader, Abu Hussein Al-Mutawakil, accompanied more than a hundred elements belonging to him with various types of weapons on board three Toyota four-wheel drive military vehicles, encircling the village of Al-Safi, Hazm Al-Adeen, in Ibb governorate, and closing all five water pumps in the village. .
The sources added that forty other militants uprooted trees, most of them “qat” trees, in the village of Al-Safi in the Bani Ali district of Hazm Al-Adeen, whose people are suffering from thirst.
The sources confirmed that the Houthi leader Al-Mutawakkil claims that this land belongs to a person named Ali Hussein Ali Muhammad, and most of it was purchased for his client 150 years ago by his first grandfather.
The Houthi leader forced the people to come to the school affiliated with the village and sign a waiver of their property in exchange for not besieging them and preventing them from water and food.
The people of the village tried to beg the security administration in the area, but it refused to respond to them, claiming that the land belongs to the Houthis and that it is endowment lands and state lands, despite the people’s assertion that they inherited it from their ancestors and they have all the documents that prove that.

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