A Houthi leader stormed the house of a citizen in Hodeidah, killed and injured a number of his sons, and assaulted his women


A Houthi leader, accompanied by a large number of escorts, armed with various types of weapons, stormed the house of an unarmed citizen in the Al-Marawah District, Al-Hodeidah Governorate, western Yemen, and committed a crime against the family.

Today, Friday, local sources said that the leader of the Houthi militia, Ali Al-Hudayqi, and with him armed men raided the house of citizen Ahmed Rashid, killing his son Ali and wounding two of his sons, Ahmed and Muhammad, and assaulted the women in the house, and they fled.

The sources added that the Houthi leader Al-Hudayqi had previously looted a large farm in one of the Marawah villages, and expanded the process of adding new areas of land to the looted farms without any compensation to the citizens.

The sources confirmed that Ali Al-Hadiqi was not satisfied with his farm, which prompted him to try to seize Ahmed Rashid’s family land and home on the pretext that he had bought it, and committed a murder that shook the ruthlessness.

The looting of lands and farms, carried out by Houthi leaders and supervisors, allegedly privatized them for the benefit of the group and in the context of forcing people to contribute to support the militia’s futile wars.

The militia had previously looted large agricultural areas and designated them as training camps for children and new recruits before sending them to the death burners on the battlefronts.

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