A Houthi military campaign in Sana’a governorate against citizens who refrained from wanting the “Scream” slogan.


The Houthi militia carried out a military campaign in Sana’a governorate against citizens on charges of refraining from wanting the “Scream” slogan.

Security sources told “the Yemeni scene” that the Houthis issued orders to a number of military vehicles to carry out a security campaign in Sanhan and Bani Bahloul districts, after receiving a list of names of people accused by the militia of refraining from chanting the slogan “The Scream.”

The sources added that the Sanaa governorate security administration carried out its campaign with four military vehicles after a Houthi leader raised the names of a number of people, stressing that this campaign was not the first, but for the second time, after the militia tried to force all worshipers in Friday prayers by chanting their slogans.

The Houthi slogans show hostility to external parties, but they kill Yemenis, as the Houthi militia lost 15,000 members within five months, according to the official Houthi statements, through which it tried to mislead the true number revealed by the Arab coalition forces to support legitimacy in Yemen, which amounts to 27 thousand elements, which is the closest to reality.

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