A Houthi security campaign of 30 armored vehicles and kits surrounded a village north of Sana’a to arrest a prominent official (name and photo)


The Houthi militia launched a major security campaign to arrest a security official who managed to seize a gang of land looters in Sana’a.

Yesterday, Thursday, the Houthi militia launched a security campaign consisting of 30 sets and a number of armored vehicles, and surrounded the village of Al-Jaef in Hamdan District, north of the capital, Sana’a, in order to arrest the former Dhala Shamlan police chief, Lt. Col. Yahya Hizam Al-Jaifi, local sources said.

The sources indicated that the militias are looking for Al-Jaifi because of his deterrence of the land gangs in the Dhala Shamlan area, which are gangs affiliated with the Houthi militia.

A gang affiliated with the militias, from the “land seekers” had killed the cousin of the director of the department, Lieutenant Osama al-Jaifi, and attacked the Shamlan police station to forcefully release a number of detainees, and one of al-Jaifi’s close associates was injured as a result, who works as “Shawish al-Qassam, a severe head injury.” He was paralyzed, and two other guardsmen were injured.

According to the sources, the clashes at the entrance to the station resulted in the death of the leader of the Al-Mutahibin gang called Lotf Ziyad (Abu Ayyub), and the militias released the accused of killing the guards of the station and pursuing its sectarian director.

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