A Houthi spokesperson comments on the battles of Al-Abdiyyah and reveals a Houthi offer submitted to the United Nations


The spokesman for the Houthi coup militia, Muhammad Abd al-Salam, claimed that his group had earlier allowed humanitarian aid to enter the Abdiya district in Marib.

Abdul Salam Lal, on his tweets this morning, Saturday morning, followed by “The Yemeni Scene”, said that the Houthi group had informed the United Nations and international parties of its welcome for the entry of humanitarian aid into the Abdiya district.
Abd al-Salam claimed that the international demands to end the siege of Abdiya, which the Houthi militia had carried out, were nothing but a media bid, and that they were not serious about finding actual humanitarian solutions.

And the Houthi spokesman, Tarjebeh, indicated any humanitarian aid he would like to provide to the besieged Al-Abdiyyah district in Marib.

Commenting on the fierce opposition raging on the walls of Al-Abdiyyah during yesterday, the Houthi militia spokesman said that the clashes that took place in Al-Abdiyyah were with Takfiri elements related to Al-Qaeda and ISIS and linked to the coalition forces, and the elements of his group performed their duty to secure the Directorate, according to his claim.

It is worth noting that local and media sources said that the Houthi militia managed to control the center of the Abdiya district, which it besieged for weeks, preventing the entry of food and medicine.

Field sources said that the tribal fighters withdrew to areas outside the center of the district, where confrontations are still raging in light of the displacement of hundreds of civilians as a result of the militia’s continued launching of its intensive attacks on the “Al-Hijlah” and “Al-Madoud” areas of the district.

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