A Houthi supervisor in Dhamar appeals to the citizens in Al-Bayda and reveals what happened in Abdiya during the past hours


One of the supervisors of the Houthi coup group in Dhamar Governorate appealed to citizens in Al-Bayda Governorate to quickly go to hospitals to rescue hundreds of wounded members of their members who were killed by coalition air raids on the burning front of Al-Abdiya, south of Marib.

The Houthi supervisor, Fadel al-Sharqi, who is close to the militia leader from the Razih district, confirmed on his Twitter account that the militia members had received nearly 50 raids on the Abdiya district today, during the day yesterday … calling on citizens in Dhamar and al-Bayda to “quickly go to government agencies to extend their mujahideen brothers.” with blood, and that is the weakest of faith.”

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy, on Monday, announced that it had launched 338 specific attacks on Houthi targets to protect civilians in Abdiya, south of Marib, since the Houthi militia’s siege of the district.

In a statement, he confirmed that he had carried out 33 operations targeting militias in Abdiya during the past 24 hours, killing 156 Houthi members and destroying vehicles.

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