A leader in the Congress Party calls on the Houthis to strike the UAE


A prominent leader in the Yemeni General People’s Congress, Yasser Al-Yamani, called on the Houthi coup militia to strike the United Arab Emirates.

This comes in conjunction with the collapse of the Houthi militia on various fighting fronts in Yemen, and the implementation of the Arab coalition to support legitimacy, qualitative military operations against legitimate military targets of the Houthi militia in several governorates.

And the conference leader, “Al-Yamani”, wrote in a tweet, addressing the Houthi militia: “Knock at the head of the neighborhood in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and find out things.”

He indicated that the Houthi militia’s attack on the UAE might change the course of the battle in favor of the militias, and relieve them of the intense air strikes carried out by the Arab coalition.

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