A leader in the Tihami resistance breaks his silence and reveals the next destination of the joint forces


A military commander in the Tuhami forces revealed the next destination of the joint resistance, after its withdrawal from the city of Hodeidah.

Brigadier General Ahmed al-Kawkabani, commander of the 1st Brigade in the Tuhami forces, said in a press statement, yesterday, Monday, that the Joint Resistance Forces have an opportunity to liberate new provinces.

He added that “the countries of the coalition and legitimacy have taken a great lesson in the elusiveness of the Houthi militia, and there is no choice but to liberate the provinces.”

Al-Kawkabani pointed out that “the Stockholm Agreement restricted and accumulated brigades in stationing and defending sites on the coast of Hodeidah for years, while the Houthis benefited and went to topple one area after another.”

He stressed that “the current battle is to relieve the pressure on the Ma’rib governorate, and it is an opportunity to liberate the regions and governorates from the control of the Iranian Houthi militia, which is experiencing major collapses in its ranks under the pressure of the joint forces through its continuous military operation.”

And last Thursday, the joint forces in Hodeidah governorate carried out a sudden withdrawal, which they said was aimed at repositioning forces outside the framework of the Stockholm Agreement.

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