A legendary battle beyond imagination fought by two sheikhs of slavery


At dawn today, I published about a legendary battle beyond imagination waged by two sheikhs from the sheikhs of slavery, during which they left dozens dead and arrested from traitors agents of the Iranian occupation!
The details were as follows:
In a high hill, a group of slaves heroes were guarding it, and they exterminated all the agents from the slaves of Irloa a week ago, and the confrontation on that front was silent, and the front’s reconnaissance was one of the elderly, he was watching the scene, and over the course of two days he was able to monitor all the movements of the enemy, the elements of the invaders poured in dozens Al-Shayeb said to them: This is my plan, and I will not accept any opinion from you!
They carried out the plan, and among them was that the heroes, whose number did not exceed the fingers of the hands, while one of the great leaders climbed a high place, and on the opposite side was the other, and at a specific point when the herd reached the depth of the trap, the two heroes fired bursts of bullets of two modified calibers, and the dead fell and when The rest tried to retreat and escape. The heroes who had caught up with them surprised them and disrupted their effect, and they fell between the dead and the arrested.
The stories written by the heroes cannot be imagined!
One day I met the hero, the martyr Zakaria Hassan Annab, and he told me about miraculous heroisms, including his infiltration into the enemy’s barricades and throwing a blanket at them, so they fled and he and his companion shot them and seized their qat, their weapon and a wireless device.
The heroes in the field say their word, defending identity, self, Yemen, the Arabic language, the flag and the national anthem.
They know what they have to do, and they will cut off the dirty arms of the Iranian occupation at all costs.
God is dominant over him.

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