A lesson in politics.


Some Yemenis follow the political developments in the region as if they were in front of a movie; They have not yet come out of their surprise when they saw yesterday the leaders of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar on a hunting trip exchanging friendly smiles, until Bin Zayed and Rajab Tayeb appeared exchanging the same feelings.

This is the policy that is absent from the narrow-minded who are ignorant of the rules of the game of the art of the possible, and think that the antagonism is for life and the estrangement is permanent… However, pity here is required for those who gathered in the ranks of others to detest their opponents, and took extreme positions and made their blind fanaticism to this party or that a source of livelihood ..

These attitudes were not shared by the common people, but by intellectuals and politicians, because we grew up with confused identities and imported affiliations, and when national affiliation was absent, and we remained preoccupied with the concerns of others, we were tyrannized by odd prospects, and our situation reached the point where we spoke in our name and from our capital, a group of settlers and illegal immigrants. While we are the owners of the land, history and civilization, in their eyes, are mere mercenaries, agents and traitors.

Even when some loyalists stuck to their cause and decided to strive for the restoration of the state, they were starved and exhausted, in addition to killing the will in the hearts of the free, besieging the mass leaders, and banishing the influential; On the other hand, everything that is bad, distorted, weak, and weak, has been pushed to the fore, and everything that takes away the confidence of the masses in a victory or honorable representation.

Oh the misery of this period, and what the misfortune of everyone who God extended his life until he falls between two curses, the curse of al-Houthi, and the curse of the meager leadership that is not good at friendship or animosity, does not take into account the interest of a homeland, and does not care about the matter of a people, strange beings trampled on all sacrifices, and abandoned For all the missions, lost and lost with it a state, sovereignty, people, history and civilization..

Our hope remains only in the men of the squares who are fighting the Houthi militia, and who are exposed to the failure of the political elites and the plastic leaders that are no less bad, no ugliness, or… from this abnormal stage..

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