A letter of appeal from a “prominent parliamentarian” to Tariq Saleh


A representative in the Yemeni parliament sent a letter of appeal to Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, asking him to take military action against the Houthi militia in Taiz.

The parliamentarian, Muhammad Muqbil al-Humairi, called on Tariq Saleh to move his forces, translate his actions into words, and turn the page on past political differences.

Al-Humairi indicated that the political dispute must end, because the dispute with Al-Houthi is an existential one, as he put it.

He pointed to two previous messages from the legitimate authorities in Taiz calling on Tariq Saleh to move his forces towards the Maqbna district.

Parliamentarian Al-Humairi stressed that the Stockholm Agreement came under international and regional pressures on legitimacy, and that the Houthi militia only adhered to what suited its interests from it.

The following is the text of the message of the parliamentarian Al-Humairi to Tariq Saleh:

Brother Brigadier General Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh

Commander of the Republican Guard Brigade

Honorable Head of the Political Bureau

After greeting.

We do not doubt for a moment your position against the Houthi movement, which was baptized in blood on December 2, 2017, and we congratulate your efforts and change them in leading the resistance of the West Coast. And east and west, represented by the Houthi dynastic movement.

My brother, the leader, it is time for you to translate words into actions so that many of the free people of the country will join you, and every front starts from its position. It is a goodwill gesture to put an end to all the differences of the past, as they are political ones, and we all have an existential dispute with the Houthi movement.

Commander’s brother

The disastrous Stockholm Agreement was a rescue of the Houthi movement from drowning and final doom, but everyone knows that it was under international and then regional pressure based on that international pressure, and it was not in front of our leadership, which was in a position with which it could not withstand those enormous pressures, so the agreement was signed, and despite that the movement did not adhere Al-Houthi did not take anything from him except what benefits it, and does not hesitate for a moment to clearly violate it without fearing anyone. Such agreements are not broken by decisions of rejection, but the response is the same. The United Nations resolutions that included a cease-fire in the year 94, and reached the goal that achieved the unity of the homeland and victory over the opponent without declaring his rejection of the cease-fire and no party blamed him for violating the cease-fire resolutions,,

Is it permissible for Al-Houthi to violate this agreement without announcing its cancellation, and requires us to decide to cancel it in order to respond to his violations, and Al-Halim is sufficient for the reference.

Brigadier General

Trust that the people want a savior from this dynastic movement, the creation of the Persian legislator, and will rally around him when he sees his actions in the field, and the victory of Marib does not need to send fighting men to it. Rather, the support of the whole country needs saviors from their positions in which they are, from any spot wherever it is in the land of the country. I hope that you will be one of them and at their head, and this requires actions, not words.

If you have an opinion, be determined

The corruption of opinion would be reluctant.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

your brother

Muhammad Muqbel Al-Humairi

Member of the House of Representatives / Head of the Taiz Notables Caucus.

November 1, 2021

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