A major collapse of the Yemeni riyal.. Remittances, buying and selling stopped after the dollar and the Saudi riyal rose to this extent


Remittances from Aden to Sanaa have stopped, after an unprecedented collapse of the Yemeni riyal in recent days, and the increase in the commission for internal remittances to 100%.

Exchange companies in Aden stopped buying and selling foreign currencies, as well as remittances and coverages.

Below, the “Yemeni Scene” publishes the latest update of the exchange rates of the dollar and the Saudi riyal in Sana’a and Aden:

Currency exchange rates in Sanaa

U.S. dollar:

Purchase = 602 riyals

Selling = 604 riyals

Saudi riyal:

Purchase = 158.2 riyals

Selling = 158.4 riyals

Currency rates in Aden

U.S. dollar

Purchase = 1189 riyals

Selling = 1201 riyals

Saudi riyal

Purchase = 313 riyals

Selling = 316 riyals

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